Science of Essential Oils for Hair

Reducing Hair Loss

Ready to explore the science behind essential oils as a potential treatment for hair loss? While research is still limited, aRicherMe found several studies have been conducted on this topic and we’ve distilled the key results here. So kick back and discover how certain essential oils may be your new go-to choice when restoring luscious locks!

In recent years, cutting-edge research into the mechanisms of hair growth has made great strides. In addition to evaluating its effects in animal models such as the C3H mouse (Hattori and Ogawa 1983), newer techniques like dermal papillae cells, hair matrix cells, and outer root sheath cell cultures (Arase et al., 1991; Fujie et al., 1993) can provide a more detailed insight on precisely how much hairs grow over time – changes which occur cyclically with anagen catagen or telogen phases that include complicated remodeling processes for both epithelial components of the follicle itself as well as for its central regulator: The Dermal Papilla.

Question: What does all of this mean?

Answer: It means that now there are more refined and precise ways to measure the success of essential oils and other topicals to encourage hair growth. So let’s move forward and talk a little about what are essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?

Did you know that plants can be pressed and steamed to release their concentrated oils? Those precious drops of liquid pack a scent punch, as they contain the essence of flowers, leaves, bark or roots – depending on where its sourced. This special concoction is then crafted into essential oils which are used in aromatherapy! It’s believed these natural extracts not only provide an aroma boost but also possess medicinal powers. One thing’s for sure – Essential Oils don’t come easy; it takes hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pounds just to produce one pound of oil!

Essential oils are used for making us feel better, both physically and emotionally. But science has been a bit slow to jump on board when it comes to using natural remedies in place of chemical solutions – such as minoxidil which is commonly prescribed by doctors for hair growth but carries with it hefty profits! Let’s get scientific: let’s take an illuminating look at the legitimate published research out there – so we can see what our own conclusions might be!

Peppermint Essential Oil 

So the first article I found was reported in 2015. This NIH funded study found peppermint essential oil was be impactful at improving hair growth, along with lavender oil which has also been shown to promote hair growth in mice.

essential oils for hair

Essential Oils for Hair


Lost your locks? Before you reach for the toupee, consider essential oils! A 1998 study published in Archives of Dermatology found that a blend of four botanical extracts massaged into the scalp helped 44% treat alopecia areata with improved hair regrowth. In contrast, only 15% got better from using carrier oil alone. So before kissing those luscious locks goodbye – give essential oils a chance to restore them back to their former glory!


Lavender Essential Oil


Doctor Deborah Rose Wilson edited an article about essential oils for hair just got more exciting. Lavender has been found to be an incredible aid in the growth of cells, reducing stress and even speeding up pace of hair growth! Peppermint oil can create a tingly sensation which boosts circulation – perfect timing for boosting your own locks during their growing phase. Now there’s two reasons why lavender & peppermint should become part of your new haircare routine!


Peppermint Essential Oils


Peppermint – a plant native to Europe known for its powerful properties as both an energizing stimulant and gas-relieving carminative. Recently, scientists explored how it affects hair growth using topical applications of peppermint oil on mice in the NIH study by Gee Young O Men Park and Young Kim. After four weeks, the group with Peppermint showed higher levels of hair growth than those without! With significant increases seen in dermal thickness, follicle number & depth; results suggest that this potent herb may provide rapid stimulation your locks have been looking for.

a garden of mint, leaves close up and verdent.

mint is prolific, easy to grow and found in gardens across the US and Europe as well as others

Have you ever wondered if peppermint oil could give your tresses a boost? According to Cynthia Cobb, an accomplished nurse with medical news today, the answer may be just around the corner! In her 2017 article “Does Peppermint Oil Work for Hair Growth,” she explains that essential oils are way more potent than drinking herbal tea and taking capsules. Although research is still limited when it comes to how exactly this minty solution can help hair growth – menthol-based elements of peppermint have been known to irritate scalp sensitivity in some people. Could these piquant particles actually add volume and vigor back into those locks? Stay tuned!


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Rosemary Essential Oil


Rosemary essential oil is one natural solution for hair growth. In fact, when combined with minoxidil – a common treatment that can cause scalp itching – the duo proved to deliver powerful results and reduce irritating side-effects!


Cedar wood essential oil


And then there is Cedarwood essential oil. This is often the pampering ingredient in your hair’s dream spa treatment! It balances scalp glands to encourage healthy, luscious locks and fights off sneaky bacteria or fungus which cause dandruff and related conditions that can lead to thinning. Enjoy bouncy tresses courtesy of this luxurious gift from nature.


Lemongrass essential oil


Lemongrass essential oil is often used to treat dandruff it’s effective treatment and one study in 2015 found that it significantly reduced dandruff after one week .  mix a few drops in with your shampoo or your conditioner and make sure it’s massaged into your scalp . We highly recommend using sulfur free shampoos and conditioners.


Thyme essential oil


time can help promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp. And similar to cedarwood oil time has been found to be helpful in treating alopecia areata.

hair follicle anatomy

Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot is one of those all-around essential oils. It is a must-have in your essential oil tool chest. Again it comes out as a shining star in the effort to improve hair growth as an essential oil. Also, see my article on Bergamot Aromatherapy.    A few drops in a carrier oil and you are on the road to a more fuller doo.

Bergamot oil an ayurvedic oil with many benefits. Bergamot is a wonderful antidepressant and is in boon for people who suffer due to depression and re unable to experience and enjoy the richness of life, which reflects itself in liver,congestion, and gall bladder obstruction.

Bergamot oil for health

Clary sage essential oil


Clary sage essential oil Contains the same chemistry that lavender oil has which has been shown to increase hair growth. Clary sage is known to improve hair strength and improve growth. That just makes it harder for your hair to break! Put three drops of oil in your favorite conditioner. Again, do yourself a favor and use sulfur-free shampoos and conditioners

Geranium Oil and Dermal Cells

The geranium has been used as a medicinal plant for a number of issues including diarrhea and bacterial infections William Boyce vert Apparently the GSE is the derivative that they made an extract of geranium sibiricum L and they named it GSE. Apparently, GSE GCSE had a significant expression of protein and it stimulated that and um the growth factor hippo to site and the vascular endothelial growth factor. The topical ointment was used for three weeks and it did promote significant hair growth on shaved mice 5% more then the chemical minoxidil. This study demonstrated that GSE does promote hair growth by regulating growth factors and the cellular response.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil


Lastly Wilson mentions tea tree essential oil. This is one of the great versatile essential oils. So, you might have this in your medicine chest. Use Tea Tree Essential Oil to stimulate hair growth.


Jojoba Oil & Hair Growth

Could plant-based jojoba essential oil be the key to longer, fuller hair? A study conducted back in 2010 certainly suggested so! Mice that were treated with 1% of this potent natural substance saw a higher success rate than those given just their carrier oils. With such promising results, it’s curious why there hasn’t been any further investigation into its potential – could big business stand in the way of gorgeous locks?!    Read the full article about the Jojoba Oil study.



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