Day of Yoga & Mystic Readings for Groups


If you are looking for the perfect activity to make your special occasion extra memorable, here’s a unique way to bring your loved ones together in one room and delight them with something truly magical. Schedule a half day event for a unique way to bring your loved ones together in one room and delight them with something truly magical –  The Mystic Yogi

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I use divination techniques to gain insight during Mystic group readings… any mystic readings .

Other Services include Transformation Coaching and Wellness Advising.

Group Readings for Groups

Are you looking for the perfect activity to make your special occasion extra memorable? Schedule a half day event for a unique way to bring your loved ones together in one room and delight them with something truly magical. Look no further than spiritual yoga and mystic readings for groups!  For four hours, practice yoga, get your cards read, or interpreting your astrological chart. All are part of the group readings for 1/2 day. As a Mystic Yogi, I use spiritual divination techniques that offer insights into each person's current situation, future possibilities, and elements of their life journey. Perfect for gatherings, readings for groups at bridal showers and birthday parties leaves participants with memorable moments, an unforgettable time for everyone involved. When lead by an experienced reader such as myself, Dr. Christina Blanchard-Horan, I can help create a more fulfilling and spiritual experience where family and friends discover what lies ahead while coming away feeling connected and empowered!

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Benefits of Group Tarot Readings

Every Mystic Reading is a special experience, and when we come together in groups to tap into the power of Tarot readings the experience is enriched and amplified. Groups bring us closer to our spiritual selves, providing us a richer understanding than if we were to experience individual readings. As your spiritual reader, I benefit from group activities as I am able to provide aRicherMe insights into your soul's path and individual quests. Beyond connecting on a personal level, I also enjoy being part of collective spiritual development for everyone involved which ensures long-term growth for all members.

How to Prepare for a Group Reading

Preparing for a group tarot reading requires a special kind of energy and positivity. Before the session even begins, it is important to enter into it with a positive attitude and an open mind. In order to fully tap into the potential spiritual power of the session, it could be worthwhile for participants to focus on meditation techniques before the group reading, like deep breathing or visualization exercises. Positive reflections can help ensure that each individual's experience is as meaningful and valuable as possible. With each participant in this shared ritual preparation, the combined impact can create powerful results.

What to Expect During a Group Reading

With mystic readings and spiritual messages may need to be unraveled, a group reading is an inviting invitation for a journey of self-discovery. Imagine the enlightening atmosphere with the powers and energy of hidden mysteries revealed and replenished spirits ready to be adored. Taking part in this gathering can allow you to gain valuable insight into not only your own life but even those around you, providing important reflection far beyond the present. Group readings are a memorable shared experience that won’t soon be forgotten as spiritual truths come alive; a special opportunity to fully explore without hesitation.


Ancient divination methods have been practiced around the world since time immemorial, yet it was during the Middle Ages that these practices and their practitioners gained a language of understanding. Medieval scholars from diverse backgrounds bestowed Latin-suffixed terms to many of these previously unnamed arts - representing spiritual intuition (manteía) or physical observation (scopia). As such, words like drimimantia, nigromantia and horoscopia were born as gateways into mysterious ways of seeing fate in both mysticism and science alike; alongside more academic theories including phrenology and physiognomy.

According to some, there are forms of divination that are much older than the Middle Ages, like haruspication, and others ( megapolisomancy or coffee-ground reading tasseomancy) originated in the 20th and 21st centuries.

How to Schedule a Reading

To schedule a reading, go to the shopping page (click here). Put in your details and pick a date from the calendar. Once you're done, click "book" and your reading is scheduled!

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Day Rates

Day rates are 4 hours of entertainment readings.


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