Lavender Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

What is Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender is an essential oil that you can easily find at any health food store. It’s a versatile oil that has a multitude of uses, ranging from aromatherapy to treating minor skin ailments. This easy to use oil boosts your mood and eases stress levels. It’s even been known to improve the quality of restful sleep! Its variety of lavender scents, such as bright and floral lavanda angustifolia or herbal lavendin hybrid also means it can blend easily with other oils in making lotions, salves and perfumes. Whether inhaling lavender lavishly or submerging your scalp in it for nourishment, lavender essential oil adds invigoration and relaxation to daily life.


Benefits and Uses

Are you looking for ways to relax and de-stress? Lavender essential oil (EO) has become widely popular due to its wonderful aroma and calming benefits. Used throughout history in various cultures, Essential oils offer a natural remedies revered for its ability to help calm discomfort and soothe the mind, body, & spirit. In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at what lavender EO is all about – from its many uses and aromatic properties to how it can be incorporated into your daily life as a part of a holistic wellness routine. So grab a cup of tea or your favorite cozy blanket – whichever helps you feel the most relaxed! – and get ready to dive into the world of lavender essential oils.


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Mood, Sleep, Hair, and Skin

Lavender has a variety of uses that benefit your overall wellness. One of the most important is sleep, your skin,  According to Healthline explains how it is used for mood, sleep, hair, and skin. There is one more that I found quite important. As a sufferer of nausea, I find lavender to be very effective tool to have in my medicine chest.  

Relieving Nausea


Are you looking for ways to relax and de-stress? Lavender essential oil has become widely popular due to its wonderful aroma and calming benefits. Used throughout history in various cultures, this natural remedy is revered for its ability to help calm discomfort and soothe the mind, body, & spirit. In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at what lavender essential oil is all about – from its many uses and aromatic properties to how it can be incorporated into your daily life as a part of a holistic wellness routine. So grab a cup of tea or your favorite cozy blanket – whichever helps you feel the most relaxed! – and get ready to dive into the world of lavender essential oils.

Calming Scent

Let the calming scent of lavender bring peace and harmony to your being! This timeless herb has a luxurious history and numerous medicinal qualities, with its essential oil produced through an ancient process known as steam distillation. From late June until August is when the harvesting begins – cut flowers and stems are gathered into special stills before they’re subjected to low pressure heating that breaks down their pockets containing oil. Upon condensing on chilled pipes, this fragrant vapor is collected in tanks for further settlement; yielding pure goodness from mother nature’s gift for us all to enjoy!

Science Says  

Scientific studies have shown that lavender carries numerous benefits. The vivid purple flower has calming and soothing effects associated with its use, perfect for helping to reduce stress levels, improve sleep, and even cover up odors in the home. Its incredible power is further found in the ability to regular hormones and preserve human cell membranes against damage. Furthermore, one study showed that lavender oil can balance out anxiety levels in cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Clearly this amazing scent is not to be underestimated when it comes to its scientifically proven benefits.

The therapeutic effects of lavender essential oil come from its natural chemical constituents such as linalool, camphor and terpenes. When applied topically or inhaled through aromatherapy, these phytochemicals activate certain receptors in our body that send signals to our brain to relax us both mentally and physically. In addition to being an effective mood enhancer, lavender is also known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can be beneficial in treating skin issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis and other minor irritations.


How to Use Lavender Oil for Relaxation


Lavender oil is a wonderful way to relax, especially after a long and stressful day. The lavender scent has been proven to bring stress levels down, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation. To best utilize lavender oil for heightened relaxation, combine lavender with a bit of meditation. Close your eyes and take in the lavender scent as you perform deep breathing exercises or speak affirmations aloud to help center your energy. You will find yourself quickly becoming more tranquil as the lavender scent envelopes your senses. In no time at all you’ll be feeling calm and at ease – it’s truly amazing what lavender can do!


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Sleep Aid 

Lavender essential oil is believed to be a natural remedy for sleeplessness; making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a calming sleep aid. Studies have shown that lavender is effective in reducing insomnia, aiding those without restful sleep. The lavender aroma relaxes the muscles and calms the senses, helping to induce deep slumber. Incorporating lavender oil into your nighttime ritual can ensure you get the rest you need and wake up feeling refreshed and restored.


Natural Remedies with Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender essential oil has been used for centuries to treat multiple ailments due to its calming, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. From helping to reduce stress and anxiety to relieving muscle tension and headaches, remedies with lavender oil offer a natural alternative to synthetic remedies. The use of these remedies also avoids the harsh side effects that come with certain medications. Whether your remedies are in the form of an aromatherapy massage or applying it directly in a carrier oil, you can be sure that lavender essential oil will provide relief from your symptoms very quickly. An added bonus is the sweet aroma that helps you to relax even further – restoring your equilibrium and providing complete inner balance.


Aromatherapy Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil


Aromatherapy has long been appreciated for its therapeutic and calming benefits. Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular and versatile oils in use, offering a wide range of healing and calming effects on body and mind. A lavender aromatherapy session can have far-reaching results such as reducing stress levels, stimulating better sleep, improving mood and alleviating minor aches and pains. Used in a massage or diffused into the air by an oil burner, aromatherapy with lavender essential oil can be an effective stress management tool to help make you feel soothed, relaxed and restored. Try it today and experience the lavender aromatherapy benefits for yourself!.


Incorporating Lavender EO Into Your Life


Lavender essential oil is a versatile and fragrant way to bring a sense of peace and relaxation into your life. Whether using it topically, through massage, or aromatically, there are many ways to incorporate this wonderful floral oil into your daily routine. When using lavender topically be sure to use it in combination with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut to ensure even distribution on the skin. For an aromatic experience, diffuse the oil using an electric diffuser or simply place some drops on a cotton ball and let it linger around the room for an uplifting scent. Consider using it during your nighttime routine by adding a few drops of the oil into your bath for a calming and nourishing experience before bedtime. With all these different ways to incorporate using lavender essential oil, you’ll be able to find something that works perfectly for you.


Lavender Applications


Rub a few drops of the oil on your neck or temples for a calming effect, use it as an effective aromatherapy by using a diffuser, or keep yourself refreshed by using it as a perfume, lavender essential oil is the perfect choice for keeping anxiety and stress levels under control. You can also make your own cleaning products using the oil or even create relaxing scrubs using lavender oil and some organic sugar – your body and mind will thank you after using them!


Stress Relief

Lavender essential oils offer a variety of benefits to both our physical and mental health. When used individually or in combination with other types of aromatherapy treatments, lavender essential oils can help us relax, reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, and create a sense of overall calming. There are many different ways we can incorporate lavender essential oil into our lives – soaking in a bath with Epsom salts, diffusing the oil in the bedroom for relaxation before sleep, or adding some drops to lotion for an extra layer of tranquility. By harnessing the power of aromatherapy and lavender essential oil specifically, we can enter states of calmness more easily and access the physical and mental benefits afforded by nature’s most powerful remedies. If you’re looking for further ideas on how to make your home a more natural, peaceful retreat with minimal effort, then do away with those chemical scents your spray in your home. Want to learn more? Join the wait list for our upcoming book “The Most Essential Oils for your Home” – allowing you to transform your environment in no time at all.


Lavender Massage


When using lavender essential oil topically you should always mix it with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut to ensure even distribution on the skin. You can use it all over your body during massage or add a few drops into your bathwater before bedtime for extra relaxation benefits. Lavender can also be diffused aromatically throughout your home with an electric diffuser or by simply placing some drops onto a cotton ball that can be left around the room for an invigorating scent.

Cleaning with Lavender

There are many ways to incorporate lavender essential oil into your life whether it’s incorporated into your cleaning routine or creating relaxing scrubs with organic sugar–your body will thank you! For further ideas on how to make your home a more natural retreat with minimal effort try replacing chemical scents with calming lavender aromas–an amazing way to de-stress!


For More Information

For further information on the benefits of aromatherapy using lavender essential oil you can reference scientific studies conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsch of University of Chicago Medical Center (1) which shows patients experienced decreased anxiety levels when exposed to lavender aromas as well as research conducted by Dr. Mark Moss (2) at Northumbria University where participants experienced improved cognitive performance while exposed to lavender aromas compared those who were not exposed during testing conditions.




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